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    1. Products

      Professional supply of new energy power battery structure products and technical solutions

      Environment and welfare:

      1. The company has a non-profitable restaurant in the factory to provide a wide variety of food to employees;

      2. Provide dormitories for employees free of charge, and the accommodation environment is safe and clean;

      3. A number of entertainment venues in the company are under construction: billiards room, table tennis room, basketball court, library and convenience store, etc.

      4. Regularly hold all kinds of recreational activities such as prize competitions to enrich staff's spare time life;

      5. Organize employees to travel regularly for expansion, broaden their vision and make them happy;

      6. Sound internal training and promotion mechanism for employees, providing broad career development channels and professional skills training for every employee with dreams;

      7. Purchase social insurance and housing fund for employees to relieve your worries;

      8. Provide competitive compensation within the industry and offer generous bonuses to employees who have made contributions.

      Thank you for your attention to Redfeng, welcome to join!

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      Please submit your questions or feedback on our product to us, and we will reply as soon as possible.
      Your opinions and suggestions will help us improve our products and services, and every word you leave will be used to improve our services.

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      About Us

      Technical?Solution?Provider?of Precision Structure Components of Global New Energy Cells
      About Us

      Eighteen Years Focus on Safety Escort

      Global Technical Solution Provider of Precision Structure Components of New Energy

      Red Fairy started in 2006, it’s a modern high-precision manufacturing enterprise thanks to all staffs’ efforts. After years of steady development, nowadays it has grown into a high-tech company integrating
      ... ...

      Application Field

      Build a green transportation channel of science and technology, environmental protection and harmony
      The Electric Car
      Electric Bus
      Energy Storage
      • The Electric Car
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      • Electric Bus
        Electric Bus>
      • Energy Storage
        Energy Storage>
      • Other


      Now, the service of thousands of customers with us all the way to witness our growth; In the future, we will share the joy of success together.


      Observe the industry vision, with our professional point of view, speak your heart

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