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    1. Recruitment

      Environment and welfare:

      1. The company has a non-profitable restaurant in the factory to provide a wide variety of food to employees;

      2. Provide dormitories for employees free of charge, and the accommodation environment is safe and clean;

      3. A number of entertainment venues in the company are under construction: billiards room, table tennis room, basketball court, library and convenience store, etc.

      4. Regularly hold all kinds of recreational activities such as prize competitions to enrich staff's spare time life;

      5. Organize employees to travel regularly for expansion, broaden their vision and make them happy;

      6. Sound internal training and promotion mechanism for employees, providing broad career development channels and professional skills training for every employee with dreams;

      7. Purchase social insurance and housing fund for employees to relieve your worries;

      8. Provide competitive compensation within the industry and offer generous bonuses to employees who have made contributions.

      Thank you for your attention to Redfeng, welcome to join!

      Technical Management Director

      Location: Shenzhen

      Gender requirement: Male

      Published time: 2018-05-03

      Salary: Negotiable

      Years of service: unlimited

      Education requirement: Bachelor degree or above

      Recruitment number: 1

      Term of validity:

      Job requirements :(as follows)

      Job Responsibilities:

      1. Responsible for the overall planning of the company's personnel administration;

      2. Responsible for the formulation and supervision of the company's various systems;

      3. Responsible for drafting the company's operational documents, arranging various meetings and reception work;

      4. Responsible for organizing personnel recruitment, training and assessment;

      5. Responsible for the implementation of the company's corporate culture construction;

      6. Other tasks arranged by company leaders.

      Job Requirements:

      1. Strong written and oral expression skills;

      2.Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources, Chinese, business administration, etc.

      3. Familiar with the operation process and related links of human resources and administrative management;

      4. More than 5 years working experience in real estate or large enterprises, good communication and coordination skills, organizational skills, judgment and decision-making skills, planning and management skills, team spirit, proficient in office software.

      Resume E-mail:

      info@red-fairy.com (title format: name + post name)


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