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    1. Company News


      RED FAIRY full staff yield improvement innovation pledge conference


      Guide language: golden autumn October, fruitful, orange orange green season. On October 28, 2019, at dawn, all the staff of Ruidefeng held an exciting swearing-in meeting of "Total Yield Improvement Innovation".


      Activity 1: Promoting the oath of the event commander: the chairman of the board will lead the manager and above cadres to take the oath to "change the concept, optimize the process, change the management, and ensure the 98% yield rate".

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      Activity 2: The production, quality, engineering, process and IE managers and above will be led by the director of the manufacturing department to swear that "no defective products will be accepted, no defective products will be made, and no defective products will be released, so as to ensure that 98% yield rate is achieved".


      Activity 3: the chairman of the board led all the staff to swear that "all the staff take action and work together to ensure the 98% yield rate."

      Under the leadership of the chairman of the board, all the staff are passionate and loud, pledging to increase production quickly, ensure delivery and achieve the mission under the premise of ensuring quality. With the rising of the sun, the meeting of full yield improvement and innovation oath came to a successful conclusion.

      • Aimed at 35 billion structural parts of the
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