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    1. Company News


      RED FAIRY Staff Birthday Party - Outdoor Group Building in June


      In the peak of summer, in order to stimulate staff morale, enhance target recognition, enhance team cohesion, improve the communication ability between team departments, and strengthen the responsibility of leaders, RedFeng organized an interesting team building activity on June 23, 2019.

      Activity 1: Yangmei Keng hiking

      At 8 o 'clock in the morning, the staff gathered together and arrived at Yangmei Keng by bus, for a leisurely hiking trip. During the hiking, the staff helped each other, which not only strengthened the staff's physical fitness, but also enhanced the team cohesion and sense of mission.


      The beautiful sea breeze, staff enjoy flying body and mind.


      Activity two: the fun of the picnic.


      After the hike, the group had an outdoor picnic in 6 groups. The employees cook with their own fire in the most primitive way. The dishes with original flavor and delicious taste are cooked with the concerted efforts and cooperation of the employees, which shows the team spirit. Just like at work, adhering to the corporate mission of creating value for customers, providing a platform for employees, and actively contributing to the society through scientific and technological innovation, running to the principle of the same goal, division of labor and cooperation, each doing his best and working together, the mission will be achieved.

      Staff do their jobs, chopping wood, cooking, etc.

      The team has a clear division of labor and works together to achieve the goal.

      The picnic ended in everyone's laughter.

      Activity three: Tour the end of the field.

      Unconsciously, it is past afternoon, taking advantage of the sunset before the group collective tour known as "Shenzhen Gulangyu" the end of the field, feel the soft silk sea breeze.

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      With a hint of leisure, a hint of the sea. End of the party building activities, through this group building, once again shows the importance of team cooperation and communication, for rhett abundance in the later work to lay the foundation, to consolidate the rhett abundant cultural construction and team cohesion, employees will continue to keep the external emphasis on market-oriented, depth and close to the customer service; Internal project-oriented, improve internal efficiency, product delivery on time, quickly meet the highest rules of customers and the company to develop and progress together.

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