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      Double points system support, Chengdu Auto Show new energy lineup what to see?


      August 25, the 20th chengdu international automobile exhibition officially opened, lasting ten days. Chengdu Auto Show is one of the four major A-class international auto shows in China, together with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is also the biggest auto show in China. Toyota, Honda, Cadillac, JAC, BAIC, Chery and many other domestic and foreign auto companies gathered here to display their latest automotive products, including new energy vehicles. Now the trend of new energy vehicles has "swept" the entire automobile industry, coupled with the double points system, the new energy vehicles displayed by the car enterprises are also very attractive.

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      At the auto show, Toyota's full range of environmental technology products are on display. It featured a full range of Corolla engines, Rayling engines, Mirai Future, the first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, plug-in plug-in hybrid PHEV cutters, HEV cutters, D-4T turbocharged cutters, and D-4T and CVT powertrains.

      The new Corolla hybrid version on display has just completed minor changes, both inside and outside decorations are younger, and the configuration has also been upgraded. The battery pole products carried by both the Lei Ling and the Lei Ling are supplied by Koba. Over the years, the cooperation between Copa and Toyota has been gradually deepened. Copa officially entered the supply chain system of Toyota at the end of 2014, and gradually became one of the few companies in the domestic parts enterprises to participate in the international high-end division of labor. In July this year, Copa achieved a new high in production and sales, and now it has successfully completed the import, commissioning and trial production of the equipment needed for the C project to match the Toyota plate sales. It has passed the mass production review of Peve on schedule, and established a certain safety inventory to ensure the smooth progress of future production capacity supply and expansion. In the auto show, in addition to Toyota, Audi, Cadillac, Volvo, Lexus and other auto brands also displayed their new hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, which showed eye-catching performance among a group of new energy vehicles.

      As the most effective auto show in the domestic car market, the Chengdu auto show has naturally become a grand event not to be missed by car companies. The fact that brands are rushing to launch new hybrid models at this event shows that the market has gradually improved its recognition of hybrid models and recognized their important role in increasing market share. Take GAC Toyota, for example, this year, GAC Toyota hybrid model sales have achieved seven consecutive months of double-digit growth. The cumulative sales volume of hybrid models from January to July reached 25,000 units, up 41.6% year on year, accounting for 10% of the overall sales volume of the company. As the pioneer and leader of the hybrid market, GAC Toyota has now become one of the domestic car enterprises with the largest number of hybrid vehicles.

      With the dual-point system set to implement mandatory policy requirements in 2019, car companies will accelerate the promotion of the hybrid industry in order to meet the regulations and market demand. The position of hybrid models in the new energy market will also be promoted to a new height.

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